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Hunting Licences

Programs that issue permits that provide written authorization for individuals to pursue, shoot, kill, capture, trap, snare or net game birds, game fowl or game animals during approved hunting seasons. Included are licences for archery hunting using a bow and arrow; hunting with muzzle loading firearms, rifles, shotguns or handguns; crossbow hunting (which may be illegal in some jurisdictions); and trapping game using traps, deadfalls or other devices. Hunting licence requirements vary from province/territory to province/territory and may include provisions for completion of hunting/trapping safety courses.

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Programs that provide opportunities for people of all ages to learn and enjoy hunting, a sport in which game birds, game fowl and/or game animals are pursued and shot during approved hunting seasons, either for food or for trophies. Hunters generally use hunting rifles or bows and arrows and must have an appropriate licence to legally pursue the sport.

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