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Military Bases/Forts

Sites established by any of the branches of the armed forces within Canada or abroad for the training of military recruits, the stationing and/or deployment of active military or peacekeeping personnel and the provision of support services for military personnel and their dependents.

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Military Recruitment Programs

Programs of the Canadian Armed Forces that provide information about careers in the military and enlist people who choose to volunteer.

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Military Transition Assistance Programs

Programs that provide guidance and information regarding benefits, services and outplacement assistance for those leaving or retiring from active duty and returning to civilian life, and their family members with the objective of making the transition as smooth and stress-free as possible. Services may include benefits counselling, employment search and placement assistance, relocation services, financial planning assistance, eligibility information regarding medical and dental insurance coverage and other forms of assistance to facilitate adjustment to civilian life. Special employment transition assistance includes certification of job skills and experience; information about applying active duty job skills and experience to private sector employment; information about geographic areas of relocation including the labour market and cost of living; identification and location of employment and training opportunities; instruction in resume preparation, job analysis and interview techniques; and information about loans and grants to facilitate acquisition of employment.

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