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Anxiety Disorders

Disorders that are characterized by persistent feelings of apprehension, worry, uneasiness or dread the source of which is frequently nonspecific or unknown to the individual which may be accompanied by restlessness, irritability, lack of concentration, difficulty sleeping, increased heart rate, shortness of breath and other physiological symptoms.

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Chronic/Severe Mental Illness

A number of mental or emotional conditions of a seriously debilitating nature which progress or do not respond positively to treatment over a period of time and which require adjustments on the part of the individual and his or her significant others, or long-term medication, to make daily functioning possible.

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Dual Diagnosis

A condition in which individuals have a diagnosed mental illness which interferes with their functioning in a substantial way in combination with a developmental disability. This is the definition used in Ontario and Nova Scotia, for example, while in most of Canada, "Dual Diagnosis" has the same meaning as and is used interchangeably with "Concurrent Disorder" (YF-5000.1500).

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Eating Disorders

A condition that is characterized by a compulsive obsession with food or weight and an inability to accurately perceive one's physical appearance in which the individual may compulsively overeat, engage in eating binges which may or may not be followed by purging, refuse to eat or otherwise use food or the process of eating or not eating in a self-destructive manner.

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Mood Disorders

Disorders that are characterized by disturbances of mood, i.e., a recurrent series of episodes in which the individual suffers from depression, excessive feelings of well-being or a combination of the two.

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Self Injury

A condition in which individuals engage in self-destructive behaviours such as cutting, burning or purposeful self-battery that are undertaken to damage or harm themselves, but not to intentionally end life.

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The above terms and definitions are part of the Taxonomy of Human Services, used here by permission of INFO LINE of Los Angeles.